• Melrose Day Care Programs For Children


    Melrose day care offers a variety of activities for kids of all ages. Because it is a part-time day care facility, it offers a very comfortable environment for children. Children can play indoors or outdoors in the warm summer weather. Here, older toddler room visitors are welcome to come along and enjoy the day with the other children.


    The Mission Day Care Center is located on 3rd Street in San Diego's historic Gaslamp District. It is a single level building that has two levels with the lower level being dedicated as an art gallery featuring local and national art. In the upper levels parents can relax and observe their kids while playing. The various activities include drawing, art activities, music, swimming, gymnastics, and martial arts.


    The San Diego Zoo offers several attractions for kids to enjoy. Among these is the Big Cats habitat where kids can have a one-on-one experience with the four-legged members of the zoo. This interactive learning experience allows children to interact with and learn more about the animals. A visit to the Pet Porpoise Pool gives kids a chance to see the marine creatures up close.


    While taking part in the daycare, kids can enjoy the melon ball toss game. This fun activity involves tossing a soft ball toward a child until they make contact with a protruding sphere that is filled with water. Once this sphere is dropped to the ground, the child has to try and catch it using their own body to push it over the edge of the melrose day care.


    Older toddlers can take part in the Melrose Kids Parade. This fun event features kids dressed up in various costumes and running down the street in their best dress. All proceeds from the day care will benefit The Humane Society. This includes buying new clothes for the kids and feeding them during the parade. Each kid gets to choose a prize from a collection of inexpensive items ranging from video games to chocolate bars.



    Children and adults who enjoy attending melrose day care can do so by signing up for online registration. There are many benefits to this type of registration including the opportunity to save money on registration fees. Online registration also allows parents to keep track of their child's whereabouts at any given time. Day care managers are also able to give direction to the kids, as well as monitor their behavior and interaction with other children in the day care.

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