• What is A Legal Notice?

    When a person decides to take legal action, one of the first steps involved, is sending an official communication to warn the offender of his/her intentions when a specified condition was not complied upon as agreed, when the contract was signed between both the parties. For instance, a legal notice can be issued to a tenant for not paying the rent as per the agreed terms and conditions before moving into the property of the owner’s house. Therefore, this gives the landlord the right to send a legal notice to the renter with the immediate effect of paying the dues before the specified date or vacate immediately.


    Benefits of A Legal Notice

    Warning:A legal notice ensures that the offender is made aware of his/her duties to be performed, and the consequences of non-compliance. Most commonly use of the instrument of legal notice for recovery of money by business to get their amount returned from borrower.


    Caveat:The wrongdoer is informed about the potential litigation and opportunity to rectify his/her error.

    Resolution of Dispute:Both parties shall resolve their dispute by negotiating between themselves.

    Amicable Settlement:The process of litigation is time-consuming in lieu of which direct settlement makes things quicker and easier.


    In today’s world, people tend to run behind success withoutmaking necessary efforts. They tend to copy Ideologies and words of successful brands thinking it would give them success. Once your pvt ltd company registration in completed that’s when Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)come into picture. Trademark is one of the essentials of IPR.



    A trademark is a distinct symbol, word, logo, slogan, design, that is used or intended to be used to identify the goods of one manufacture from the goods of others. The primary purpose of trademark is to allow companies to establish their products reputation without having to worry that an inferior product will diminish their profit by deceiving the consumer. Simply stated, trademarks protect consumers from being misled. The trademark registry was established in 1940, presently it administers

    Trade Marks Act 1999, rules thereunder.


    Who cando trademark registration in India? 

    A party which claims to be the owner of a trademark can apply to register its mark for goods and services. A party may apply to register a trademark with the trademark office under whose jurisdiction the principal place of the applicant’s business falls. However, if the principal place of business is outside India, the application should be filed with the  trademark office under whose jurisdiction the office of the applicant’s agent or lawyer falls. Sometimes there is chance of getting an objection its necessary to proceed with trademark objection reply\ to secure the intellectual property and make use of it.

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  • Introduction


    The new coronavirus is the disease-causing agent of the viral disease that has become a global pandemic, and it has induced the global economic recession. Known as COVID-19, this disease has threatened the public health in large-scale and forced the authorities across the world to go for the long-term lockdown to break its chain of progression. According to the UN Secretary-General, the situation due to the COVID-19 is reminding of the crises that had occurred during World War II. Globally, more than 16 lakhs people have been infected by this disease and it has caused over 82,000 deaths worldwide.


    Origin of COVID-19


    The COVID-19 had its origin in the Chinese city of Wuhan in the last month of 2019 when the local health workers stated that this viral disease was passed from the animals to humans. Since then, it has spread to different countries across the world. At present, the disease is prevalent in over 100 countries across the world. Being a new virus, there is no specific vaccine or medicine available over-the-board to prevent this viral disease. Since December last year, there have been many attempts to understand the novel coronavirus. Despite the availability of a plethora of data available, it is not known much about this newly mutated coronavirus. In this article, we are going to walk you through some unknown things and facts about the virus.


    Known Facts about Novel Corona Virus


    1.      This newly muted virus was first spotted in the Chinese city of Wuhan where the people got this virus from the products derived from cattle.

    2.      Corona Virus is scientifically called as SARS-CoV-2.

    3.      Since the disease was discovered in the year 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) has christened it as COVID-19.

    4.      Only a few days back, WHO has decided to call this COVID-19 as 'Pandemic'.

    5.      This virus belongs to a family of viruses that cause diseases ranging from a mild cold to severe diseases. Some of the severe diseases caused by this family of viruses include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

    6.      The common paths of transmission of viruses include physical contact of or through the coughed or sneezed droplets coming from the infected person.

    7.      This viral disease is highly contagious.

    8.      The symptoms are mild in the beginning for an infected person and the infections pick up over a while. The symptoms associated with COVID-19 include dry cough, fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, tiredness, diarrhea, or running nose.

    9.      About 80% of people with COVID-19 recover without much medical intervention. However, ever one person out of six infected people become seriously ill and require serious medical intervention as they develop breathlessness.

    10.  Ordinary people can avoid getting this disease by observing social distancing, washing their hands with hand sanitizers or soaps at regular intervals, stopping the touching of their face, nose, and eyes, avoid traveling, and stopping the practice of hugging and handshaking.


    After having gone through the known facts, let us now look at some unknown facts about this disease.


    1.      Since there is no prescribed cure for the treatment of COVID-19, all the patients will get is the supportive treatment based on symptoms produced by them.

    2.      The vaccines for the Corona Virus are being developed in countries like the U.S. and China. However, they are undergoing clinical trials in these countries, which is a mandatory step before getting approval from the local government agencies.

    3.      A COVID-19-infected person on an average may pass on the virus to two or more people.

    4.      Mainly old people, children below 10 years, and those persons who have weak immune systems and pre-existing medical conditions may develop serious illness. According to the doctors, people with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, or previous lung infections might get serious illnesses due to exposure to this virus.

    5.      When the affected person sneezes or coughs, the droplets that come out contain this virus. The virus particles present in air-suspended droplets remain virulent for about 3 hours in the airborne drop suspensions.

    6.      Though the wearing of face masks does not guarantee 100% protection from the COVID-19 transmission, it is advisable for the persons infected with viruses to wear them to stop the spreading of cough or sneeze droplets in the air. Even the people with common cold and cough are advised to wear the face mask to avoid the spreading of the cough or sneeze droplets. Healthy people need not wear a mask.

    7.      Though there is no data available to substantiate the re-occurrence of COVID-19 infection, there have been instances of people getting the infection after recovering completely from it once. For example, a Japanese woman was reported to have got the re-infection after recovering from it once.

    8.      Despite the previously held beliefs that COVID-19 infection tends to slow down during summer seasons, there have been increased infections in all climate areas. That is why the WHO has made it clear that the transmission of this disease is not climate-dependent.

    9.      There is no information to suggest when the COVID-19 infection is likely to subside and life across the world would return to normal.

    10.  Though there is no evidence to suggest the spread of Corona Virus from pet cats or dogs, there has been a case involving a tiger at the zoo getting the COVID-19 infection. More data is required to substantiate this claim.


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  • When you get a crack in your windshield, the last thing you want to do is leave the office to have the windshield replaced during a busy hour. If all of the local auto windshield replacement operate while you are at work, consider the benefits of hiring a mobile company that will come to you. Not every glass company will come to you to replace windshields wherever you happen to be. If you are skeptical about whether or not a mobile company doing windshields replacement can actually do a great job while they are on the road, learn the benefits of choosing a mobile glass company and make the right choice.


    There isn't any question that the automobile is essential. If you have the break inside your car windows, it's not secure they are driving below actually probably the most relaxed problems. Toss in certain rainfall as well as you've got a formula with regard to catastrophe. If you have your own car windows changed with a cellular cup organization the actual specialist can come for you. You will find not many providers that you can do from the repair center. Car car windows alternative is actually one of these simple providers. They'll arrived at a person where ever you would like these phones and they'll possess your car windows set up within less than an hour or so. You will get all you need to obtain carried out without having stressing regarding ordering your own routine since the store shuts from 5.

    The actual Most secure Method to Possess Your own Windshields Changed

    Because you may have skilled, whenever little splits as well as potato chips tend to be remaining without treatment, these people begin to develop. Since the break bots over the car windows, it may obtain when it comes to your own presence. The actual most detrimental time for you to generate your automobile is actually whenever your eyesight is actually reduced. You may also end up being stopped as well as reported if you have a sizable break inside your car windows. The actual most secure choice would be to employ the cellular cup organization simply because you don't have to create a good hazardous day at the actual store.

    Encounter as well as Professionalism and reliability

    Whenever you select a trustworthy organization you won't ever need to be worried about the actual specialists getting a good insufficient degree of encounter. Cellular specialists possess as much encounter, or even more encounter, compared to specialists inside a store. These people adhere to set up techniques which are used within the store and therefore are educated to cope with actually probably the most complicated problems. Should you choose your own research, an experienced expert will give you superb support when you are in your house and never the store reception.

    In the current hectic culture, customers are searching for easier methods for getting their own chores carried out. In the event that changing your own car windows is actually in your listing of chores, why don't you phone close to to possess a cellular cup organization arrived at a person. Don't cancel each day away together with your buddies due to your own damaged car windows. End up being positive regarding obtaining the maintenance carried out as well as investigation a number of different businesses maintenance your neighborhood. When you find the correct organization, routine your own visit and obtain all you need carried out as the experts tend to be performing their own work.


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  • Classic car enthusiasts are aware of the increased costs in buying, running and maintaining a collectors standard of automobile, so it is no surprise that if you need a windshield replacement, or new headlights, this will cost a lot more than if you needed one of these items replacing on a bog standard BMW or run of the mill Renault. It is therefore essential that you take out special classic car insurance to cover your vehicle for any damages.


    You'll be able to obtain a less expensive car windows alternative carried out, however, you should think about regardless of whether this is worthwhile over time. If you're actually likely to re-sell the vehicle, you will have to possess the best quality associated with car windows place in, which is because comparable as you possibly can towards the unique, if it's no recognized alternative item or even a precise car windows that has already been taken off your own precise type of automobile. Using a poor, unofficial car windows place in may significantly slow up the resell worth from the automobile. For those who have simply purchased the actual traditional vehicle like a individual repair task, or even for your own personel enjoyment you could have the less expensive car windows place in, because just you will be aware, because these types of windshields will appear nearly similar towards the inexperienced attention. In these instances, it's a issue associated with individual choice.


    When the harm just quantities to some little break or even nick, you should attempt to obtain a restore carried out, instead of turning to some complete car windows alternative, simply because this could function to repair the actual harm and never have to take away the unique car windows in the vehicle. Even though some this kind of treatments aren't actually apparent towards the inexperienced attention, another traditional vehicle fanatics can place this sort of car windows restore. Although it might slow up the worth of the traditional vehicle somewhat, it won't slow up the worth from the vehicle around a complete car windows alternative, therefore it is crucial that you simply get in touch with the restore professional once you spot the littlest nick.


    You may even think about using a less expensive alternative car windows place in briefly when you make an effort to supply the official alternative item. It's very not likely that many nearby car cup professionals could offer you the official alternative item immediately, even though they might possess connection with where you can supply 1 through. It may be really difficult to find alternative components with regard to aged, traditional vehicles, simply because these types of versions tend to be no more within manufacturing, as well as a few of the businesses that created these types of vehicles aren't actually running a business anymore. Even though you will find sellers that specialize within components with regard to traditional vehicles, windshields in many cases are tricky to find, because of the fact which windshields tend to be probably the most very easily broken vehicle components. This issue is actually amplified through the truth that old vehicles didn't use exactly the same car windows technologies which contemporary vehicles right now make use of, therefore traditional vehicle windshields tend to be much more vunerable to harm compared to contemporary windshields tend to be these days.


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